Mentors – How To Pick A Mentor

Mentors or Gurus – Which one?

This is a great question if I do say so myself.   First lets look at what a Guru is and then we will be able to see why Mentors are better.  First a Guru is popular because he or she has a hot product or program or may have many of them.  Most Gurus provide a fair value for the content they deliver but they don’t go the extra mile to teach you more than you need to know.  While some of them think they are great teachers most are at best marginal at teaching.  Gurus come and go they don’t stand the test of time.  They make sure you do it there way or its the highway.  On the other hand Mentors are usually more concerned with teaching than how slick their latest product looks.  The believe that if you give a man a fish you feed him for the day but if you teach him to fish you feed him for life.  Mentors are natural teachers people ask for their advice and the advice given is carefully presented so as to make sure you learn.  Mentors want you to succeed not just buy their next product.  Pick one that has staying power they have had many successful product launches and with each new launch their students succeed.  There are many more differences between the two but I think these are the most fundamental.

Mentors – How do I pick one?

Mentors are mostly a personal choice, viagra both for the one doing the mentoring and the one being mentored.  I would say choose one that you like, one that teaches in a style that works for your learning style and one that has a variety of programs from the least advanced to the most advanced topics on the subject you are trying to learn.  Good mentors should be honest and straight forward and quick to make their point.  This should be a requirement as your time is valuable and so is theirs.  Mostly Mentors should be someone that you share the same fundamental beliefs with and can trust not to send you in a direction that would result in a loss of communication on your part.  Mentors believe that you can succeed if you put in the work.  So in closing choose your mentors carefully, make sure that your learning and their teaching styles are aligned and that your core beliefs are very compatible.

Mentors are someone who will help you succeed,

Mike Orth